CEO's Message

We are constantly upgrading and adapting new Technology and New Partnership. To meet tomorrow’s challenges we are scaling up our human resource capacity, reaching out Excellency Level, and Building Expertise to serve our clients, wherever they are. We do provide advanced IT solutions and knowledge resource outsourcing services with a global reach. The alliance with internationally successful & well established Technology Companies in 2014 is a major step in our strategy to extend our global reach and complement our portfolio and go to market expertis

Together we will progress with our partners as a strong combination of Product, Solution & Services that drives growth and greatly enhances the quality delivery to you as a consulting & implementation Partner.

The power of this partnership allows us to pursue our vision for the future. That is, to accelerate progress by the collective effort of people, business and technology. Our clients will be benefited from an experienced group of business technologists and their profound knowledge of both business and process engineering. These experts have the experience and know-how to deliver end-to-end blueprints that can consistently stimulate your growth and profitability. Their expertise ensures our clients to receive leadership in ERP on Cloud, Mobile CRM & Business Analytics. Our passion for technology drives efficiency and innovation. We are proud that our portfolio includes clients from around the world that are impressive. Today, we are having over 25 years of business process expertise in Finance, Material Management, Manufacturing, Services, CRM, SCM & Human Capital Management.

We are already addressing the needs of tomorrow. As a result, our market expertise and passion for technology are geared towards powering to create a collaborative and sustainable organization of the future.

Mr. Susanta Nag, CEO