ISPL Profile

Insphere and iGEN Cloud Computing

ISPL is a New Born Baby in the field of Information Technology & Communication Areas.

We are ready to serve global clients & can deliver hi-tech transactional services, consulting and technology services, systems integration and managed services. We have core technology expertise and industry vertical functional knowledge in Manufacturing, Retail and Services.

Focused on business technology, that put immense power to progress like growing organization to create their firm of the future.

Enhanced Alliance with Principal Partners

Our attachment with the principal partners are the logical progression of joint project experience and mark the start of a partnership aiming at deliver tangible success for our customers.

Many joint projects have already been successfully approached. By simplifying Technology Innovation, we work together to provide a more efficient, flexible and reliable IT services for our customers. The result is an integrated architecture with technology benefits that translate into real business value.

The Enhanced Alliance is forming a seamless Business Technology Ecosystem that provides true business transformation through combining innovative technology with top quality services – delivery committed by our team of excellence. We are targeting to be a most influential Technology Consulting House in the Country.

With our deep technology expertise, industry knowledge, and our unique partnership commitment linking our joint efforts commercially together, in result our customer will get the best out of our combined product and service portfolios.

The Enhanced Alliance provides:

  • Leading Cloud solutions, leveraging technology expertise with high standardization.
  • Best-of-breed customization– when deeper integration with existing IT is necessary.
  • Combined industry expertise.
    • Managed Services in context of Workplace Management, Managed Infrastructure, Application Development & Operations.